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wii u wbfsFlatMii review

Another Nintendo WiiU modchip, FlatMii which is actually can be described as a ‘DVD-ROM drive emulator’ that is The FlatMii connects to your PC which is having Window XP/Vista 32/64bit via USB, and lets you mount ISO images of WiiU and GameCube titles directly to the Wii U from your PC. It tricks your WiiU into thinking that the FlatMii is a DVD drive.

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To plug in the FlatMii, you need to open up your Wii U console using special screwdrivers to access the DVD-ROM drive which will void you of its warranty.  Before plugging it in, you can also install it under Windows to check its working and for that just go through the Windows installation process. After installing the drivers, open up the Nintendo Wii U to install the FlatMii. Take out your drive and plug in the FlatMii by using the flexcables.

Usage - General

Just download the FlatMii client software from its website. Now just press the ‘Setup’ button to access the settings. After saving the configuration settings, just load a game and start playing.  Almost all games worked fine on it.

It’s a complete solderless solution and supports Wii U and GameCube backups along with homebrew and Trucha signed discs. The FlatMii’s PCB has very high quality components. It has 3 connectors for connecting it to the WiiU’s motherboard, DVD-ROM drive and the USB connector.

Custom FirmWare

cIOS that add features to the Nintendo made FW.


Hardware modifications for WiiU.